Lighting is the biggest challenge in Retail Design

Host Jan Addams – ‘DAT Girl Interviews’ – Retail Specialist Heddy Bing

This is Part 2/2

Jan Addams Interviews Ms. Heddy Bing Part 2  In this segment, Heddy discusses one of the biggest challenges in Retail design – Lighting!

  1. Understand and work within the city’s by-laws for amount of lighting allowed.
  2. Know the amperage level allowed in your space.
  3. Know the Kelvin lighting temperature choices.
  4. Warm temperature lighting ie: 2800 Kelvin is best used in residential.
  5. Cooler temperature lighting ie: 3500- 5000 Kelvin is used to enhance fixtures; mannequins; diamonds etc.


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5 Tips to make your store profitable

 CLICK on the Image Below to view –  Jan Addams interview with the amazing Retail Specialist – Ms Heddy Bing from Urban Spaces.

Jan Addams Interviews Ms. Heddy Bing Part 1Heddy discusses what it takes to make a Retail Store profitable.

  1. It starts with an idea
  2. Business Plan
  3. Budget
  4. Proper Timing
  5. Attention to personal style in your Retail Boutique Store.



This is Part 1/2; CLICK HERE to watch ‘Part 2’ of the interview.


TIPS on how to Organize, Systematize & Automate

Jan Addams Interviews Organizing GURU…

Sherry Borsheim from Simply Productive

Sherry gives us 3 TIPS on how to have a…

  • streamlined
  • organized and
  • successful life & business in 2014 

                Organize > Systematize > Automate


2013 Colour Trends

Interior Design Colour Trends in 2013

Emerald Green 2013 Colourby Jan Addams  CDECA™, LIIID, MIRM

Style and Design go hand in hand when it comes to colour.

In fact you will often see a colour progression from warm to cool colours flowing back and forth in intensity from one year to the next.  Pantone has been the leader when selecting a ‘yearly’ colour.

Colour is one of the most powerful elements in Interior Design.  Colour is a mood creator that can inspire or depress, heal or cause anxiety.  Colour can evoke memories that take occupants back to a time of pleasure or pain.

When you use colour with this knowledge you become more aware of how selecting the ‘right‘ colour for your own wardrobe and / or your home or office becomes as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe.

Colour is life, colour is health, colour is youth and colour demands respect.  So, when you come to choosing a colour for your room find inspiration from a favourite piece of art (painting, photo), fabric (cushions, drapery or area rug) or glass or stone  (counters, tile, flooring) and build on the theme adding each element like layering a cake which will lead you to the ‘final‘ selection your paint colour.  (See Benjamin Moore for inspiration)

Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year is Emerald.  That just happens to be my favourite colour!  In fact I think I need to find some toss cushions that will harmonize with my burgundy leather sofa to brighten my living room and calm my overly busy mind.

Click here to read more about how Color Harmonics influences your wardrobe, interior design and even your industry or business brand.  This is the Power of Colour!

What is your favourite colour?