2016 Style Strategy

Style Strategy 2016 from IMAGE To INTERIOR - Pinterest
2016 – Style Strategy from IMAGE To INTERIOR

2016 Style Strategy

These styles may be here for a couple of years as Trends are defined as something that last for over two years…

Wikipedia says: Long-term forecasting is the process of analysing and evaluating trends that can be identified by scanning a variety of sources for information. It is a fashion which lasts over two years.When scanning the market and the consumers, fashion forecasters must follow demographics of certain areas, both urban and suburban, as well as examine the impact on retail and its consumers due to the economy, political system, environment, and culture. Long-term forecasting seeks to identify: major changes in international and domestic demographics, shifts in the fashion industry along with market structures, consumer expectations, values, and impulsion to buy, new developments in technology and science, and shifts in the economic, political, and cultural alliances between certain countries. There are many specialized marketing consultants that focus on long-term forecasting and attend trade shows and other events that notify the industry on what is to come.


Here’s a quick list for 2016 Style Strategy:

  • Clothing Styles for 2016 says Harpers Bazzar look like this – Spring 2016 – (hint ‘flared jeans’ and iconic purses are back!)
  • Decorating Styles for 2016 are mix-matched kitchen cabinet, black stainless steel appliances, formal dining rooms, (are the 50’s are coming back?)
  • Colour Direction for 2016 by Pantone are two colours combined Rose Quartz and Serenity.
  • Colour expert – Maria Killam says that trends in home decor in 2016 everything goes!

Finally!   I personally believe that your 2016 Style Strategy should be to follow your own ‘Unique G.U.R.U. Style‘  and incorporate some of the ‘trends‘ to update your look ONLY if they enhance your personal style, interior design and business brand and organizing style.

When you know your core inner desires, love and know how to enhance your body shape, wear your ‘power colours‘ to feel young and vibrant and transition all these factors into your living space – now that is your 2016 style strategy which will continue to grow more elegant through the years…

Take the IMAGE TO INTERIOR – Fill-in Mini Style Report  (on side bar >>) to find out what ‘Your Uniquely You Style Is’.  Post your comments below or on our FB page – love to hear how you are going to incorporate the 2016 trends into your style and space!

Simply Me by Design,

Jan Addams
(Designer, Author, Trainer)


Are You a Diamond in the Rough?

We are all Diamonds in the rough!

Mirror Mirror Personality - by Jan Addams

Our Inner Characteristics

There are common denominators that stay with us throughout  our life, and aspects of our personality that change with experience and maturity. By first knowing how you act, react and evolve (infinite), you then have a basis for understanding and getting along with others.

There are 4 Basic Personality Traits:
PLANNER – organizer
DOER   – action-oriented
MEDIATOR  – relates more to people
COMMUNICATOR  – initiates ideas

This  is  the  first  part  of  the  infinite  side  of  us.  Our  inner  character carries an essence of structure within that continues to change and evolve with education, experience and maturity.

The universe as we know it follows an expected degree of organization to function properly. We have all seen what happens when this goes awry as in hurricanes and earthquakes. We expect the sun to rise everyday giving us light and warmth and allowing us to differentiate between day and night. We look to our moon as it continues its journey non-stop around the earth, pushing and pulling the tides to create our days and seasons, pleasantly lighting our way in the darkness of the evening.

Structure  can  be  very  good,  but  structure  without  knowledge  and flexibility can also be very destructive. By being  too  focused  within  ourselves,  our belief structures can sometimes cause us to make costly errors.

Have you ever watched ants that have discovered a honey pot? Notice how the small lookout team runs back to announce their find and within minutes a steady stream  of insects arrive on the ‘sweet scene’.  They have mastered the art of pick-up and delivery to their lady queen who feeds and gives birth to  more  little  troopers  that  will  continue  their  lineage.  OK,  some would say that this structure or system isn’t very intelligent. All one would  have  to  do  is  follow  the  lines  of  ants  back  to  their  nest  and poison the lot of them!

Please don’t get me wrong, we need to understand and live within our  structure  and  its  limitations.  But,  we  also  need  to  continue to evolve. This is done through education and experience which transforms us into becoming well rounded human beings (I am not talking about physical  girth  here!).  Imagine  that  this  process  is  like  walking  up  a long and winding slope with many twists and turns. Finally you reach the top, look down and feel a renewed awareness and appreciation for the abundant life in the meadow below.  At that moment you come to the realization that beauty comes from four things:colour, consistency, diversity and continuous change.



1. I like to work by myself. My pace is slow and methodical. I love to handle details. Some think that I border on being a perfectionist. Who am I?

____ A. The DOER
____ B. The MEDIATOR
____ C. The PLANNER


2. I don’t like pushy, aggressive types. I enjoy warm, close relationships, and I am a good team player. Who am I?

____ A. The DOER
____ B. The MEDIATOR
____ C. The PLANNER

3. I don’t like to waste time. I enjoy challenges, taking control and solving problems. Who am I?

____ A. The DOER
____ B. The MEDIATOR
____ C. The PLANNER


4. I love to be the center of attention. I like to be involved with people. I do not like to work alone, and detailed work bores me to tears. I love to work with ideas, rather than data. Who am I?

____ A. The DOER
____ B. The MEDIATOR
____ C. The PLANNER
After answering these questions, how does it fit with this analysis of yourself. Does it confirm your initial personality type? Knowing your personality type and the personality type of others will make a big difference in how you get along with others. I would venture to say that after you have completed this section, you won’t look at yourself or others, in the same way again.
If you would like to learn more about understanding your ‘Diamond in the Rough‘ Personality CLICK HERE for the FREE Mini Style Report.

2014 – Summer Colour Trends

2014_trend-placid-blue-sandBy DAT Girl – Jan Addams

Colour is alive!

It is July 12, 2014.  The sun burns brightly while the sky turns hazy blue. We relish the longer days and love to feel soft sand under our toes and wistfully remember times of our youth.

In 2014 there are many colour palettes that come out to play:  Placid Blue & Sand; Violet, Tulip & Hemlock; Orchid & Freesia; Cayenne & Paloma. Regardless of what the media tells you are ‘the colours of the year‘, your personal preference is always more important.  We are all becoming more aware of how colour makes us look, feel and behave.

Colour is power!

By understanding and wearing your personal power colours and then surrounding yourself with them (add a touch of your complementary colours) will brighten your mood, make you look and feel younger and more vibrant!

If you would like to find out what your colours are – visit our page > Colour Harmonics to discover your POWER COLOURS.


2013 Colour Trends

Interior Design Colour Trends in 2013

Emerald Green 2013 Colourby Jan Addams  CDECA™, LIIID, MIRM

Style and Design go hand in hand when it comes to colour.

In fact you will often see a colour progression from warm to cool colours flowing back and forth in intensity from one year to the next.  Pantone has been the leader when selecting a ‘yearly’ colour.

Colour is one of the most powerful elements in Interior Design.  Colour is a mood creator that can inspire or depress, heal or cause anxiety.  Colour can evoke memories that take occupants back to a time of pleasure or pain.

When you use colour with this knowledge you become more aware of how selecting the ‘right‘ colour for your own wardrobe and / or your home or office becomes as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe.

Colour is life, colour is health, colour is youth and colour demands respect.  So, when you come to choosing a colour for your room find inspiration from a favourite piece of art (painting, photo), fabric (cushions, drapery or area rug) or glass or stone  (counters, tile, flooring) and build on the theme adding each element like layering a cake which will lead you to the ‘final‘ selection your paint colour.  (See Benjamin Moore for inspiration)

Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year is Emerald.  That just happens to be my favourite colour!  In fact I think I need to find some toss cushions that will harmonize with my burgundy leather sofa to brighten my living room and calm my overly busy mind.

Click here to read more about how Color Harmonics influences your wardrobe, interior design and even your industry or business brand.  This is the Power of Colour!

What is your favourite colour?



8 Tips to find the Perfect Outfit

6. Foolproof Jan8 Shopping TIPS to find Your Perfect Outfit:

Looking your best is easy when you know who you are on the inside and recognize which body shape you are and finally the colours that make you look younger and more vibrant.

Now, simply use your lifestyle clothes clock  to help you determine where you spend most of your day and what type of clothes are required. This is where you should spend the majority of your hard earned dollars and leave the expensive party clothes to a classic outfit that won’t look dated.


Here are the 8 Tips:

  1. Wear your best form enhancing undergarments
  2. Wear the shoes you plan to wear with the garment
  3. Shop with a trusted Friend who wants you to look your BEST!
  4. Find your proper size (never too tight – you’ll look plumper)
  5. Find yourPower Colours’ (Warm or Cool undertones – High Contrast or Blended)
  6. Find your best authentic style (items that you could feel comfortable in anywhere)
  7. Look at quality of stitching – matching seams & patterns
  8. Lastly, look at the care required for the garment

Have fun finding the perfect outfit!

By ‘DAT Girl’ –  Jan Addams