Are You Considering Aging in Place?

Hi there, Jan Addams here…

I know its been awhile since we last chatted. To be honest, I have been way too busy helping my interior design clients with their renovations or new builds and looking after my family. This included helping my loving mother-in-law with aging in place concepts until we ‘happily’ placed her in a wonderful care facility even though she constantly told us ‘I’ll take poison if you take me from my home‘ and then promptly forget what she said or was talking about. I honestly didn’t have enough time and energy for anyone including myself. I did however, learn alot in that process about Dementia and the mind; about security for our loved ones and accessibility design.  


In the midst of all the above, my husband and I also went through the horrible process of de-cluttering, depersonalizing and ‘staging to sell‘ our home that we lovingly called ‘The Lodge’ filled with many happy memories. Though we loved our home and area, we could no longer keep living and working on it as it required younger bodies and large cash inlay to bring it up to date. However, we didn’t want to ‘downsize’ our lifestyle so it was important to find a place we could spend at least the next 10 years in, and a condo was not an option.

We made a long ‘wish’ list; short ‘need’ list and found ourselves anothercharacter’ home that was newer and required lower maintenance. It has many ‘universal design‘ components in it (no threshold entranceway; tile and hardwood flooring; easy access to the outdoor living space) that was perfect for us. We changed all the knobs to levers; bulbs from incandescent to LED and have personalized our space (created an outdoor kitchen and new main kitchen). Our jobs now are doing enjoyable maintenance on our ‘little’ front and back garden area – awesome!

We are free to make more happy memories in our newer ‘Resort Style Home’ in the city! Time is precious, sharing it with family and friends in a home you love that is a reflection of your personal lifestyle, I believe is the key to happiness.

If you are like me, a fellow baby boomer, you and/or your mate may be already, or are thinking of retirement which creates two-edged, happy / scary thoughts for most of us.  We want more time to travel and enjoy the rewards of our hard work.  Unfortunately, we also realise that health issues and being physically able to do all the things we want may not be possible.  

So how do we ‘have our cake & eat it too?’

I am now turning my attention to sharing my 35 years of knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of Interior Design, Staging, Renovation and Building to helping those that are just embarking on these adventures and those, like myself that are now looking at ‘Aging in Place – Resort Style!’

The 4 KEY characteristics of  Aging in Place – RESORT STYLE:

1. Recognize that changes are necessary as our minds may still be young in attitude, but our bodies need a break!
2. Live a simpler, colourful, organized & inspiring life that has the ‘best’ of everything you can afford.
3. Surround yourself with your ‘happy colours’ & positive memory accessories.
4. Design your place with stylish & convenient accessibility products that are ensured to last 7 to 10 more years while you are enjoying your life.

Come along with me on my journey and learn from my experience to save you tons of money, sleepless nights, stress and frustration. I have the KEYS to prevent this. I have prepared 4 FREE Training videos to help you. Let me know what you would like to find out more about and I will research and post my findings in upcoming emails.


Jan Addams (Fellow Baby Boomer)
Designer, Author, Trainer

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Aging in Place - Resort Style
Video 1:

‘What is Aging in Place – Resort Style‘?
Learn about the rapidly GROWING Interior Design Trend!
Baby Boomers have, are in the process of, or are thinking of retiring and trying to decide what to do with their money, their home and the rest of their life.

3 Days later

Video 2:

The 8 KEY Deciding Factors
Should you stay in your home and Renovate, or Sell and Build? Jan asks all her clients to answer these 8 questions to help them make the best decision for their pocket book and life. Every decision requires thought & compromises.

5 Days later

Video 3:

The ‘Space Options Survey
Jan shows how your Personality, Body Shape & Colouring transition into your Interior Design and teaches you how to fill out this survey to ensure your ‘renewed or new’ space is functional, beautiful & reflects your style.

7 Days later

Video 4:

I walk through the 8 Steps I use with my clients on every Renovation or New Build. This 8 module ONLINE training system comes with a custom Interior Project Binder to keep them on time & budget while having FUN!
I am here to help you design a ‘Resort Style Life
Visit my new ONLINE training site to get more info.


5 Tips to make your store profitable

 CLICK on the Image Below to view –  Jan Addams interview with the amazing Retail Specialist – Ms Heddy Bing from Urban Spaces.

Jan Addams Interviews Ms. Heddy Bing Part 1Heddy discusses what it takes to make a Retail Store profitable.

  1. It starts with an idea
  2. Business Plan
  3. Budget
  4. Proper Timing
  5. Attention to personal style in your Retail Boutique Store.



This is Part 1/2; CLICK HERE to watch ‘Part 2’ of the interview.



Jan Addams D.A.T. Girl – introduces DESIGN DOMINOES – The Interior Process Game

This is the first video in a series of nine.


Design Dominoes begins with choosing Art 


Click on THIS LINK to Grab the 8 KEY Deciding Factors – Should You Renovate or Sell?

If you would like to see more or have a question, please insert your comments below…



3 TIPS to Personalize Your Home Office

Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert Sherry Borsheim

from SIMPLY PRODUCTIVE interviews Designer, Author, Trainer Jan Addams



Contact Jan Addams HERE to help you Personalize Your Office


TIPS on how to Organize, Systematize & Automate

Jan Addams Interviews Organizing GURU…

Sherry Borsheim from Simply Productive

Sherry gives us 3 TIPS on how to have a…

  • streamlined
  • organized and
  • successful life & business in 2014 

                Organize > Systematize > Automate


2013 Colour Trends

Interior Design Colour Trends in 2013

Emerald Green 2013 Colourby Jan Addams  CDECA™, LIIID, MIRM

Style and Design go hand in hand when it comes to colour.

In fact you will often see a colour progression from warm to cool colours flowing back and forth in intensity from one year to the next.  Pantone has been the leader when selecting a ‘yearly’ colour.

Colour is one of the most powerful elements in Interior Design.  Colour is a mood creator that can inspire or depress, heal or cause anxiety.  Colour can evoke memories that take occupants back to a time of pleasure or pain.

When you use colour with this knowledge you become more aware of how selecting the ‘right‘ colour for your own wardrobe and / or your home or office becomes as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe.

Colour is life, colour is health, colour is youth and colour demands respect.  So, when you come to choosing a colour for your room find inspiration from a favourite piece of art (painting, photo), fabric (cushions, drapery or area rug) or glass or stone  (counters, tile, flooring) and build on the theme adding each element like layering a cake which will lead you to the ‘final‘ selection your paint colour.  (See Benjamin Moore for inspiration)

Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year is Emerald.  That just happens to be my favourite colour!  In fact I think I need to find some toss cushions that will harmonize with my burgundy leather sofa to brighten my living room and calm my overly busy mind.

Click here to read more about how Color Harmonics influences your wardrobe, interior design and even your industry or business brand.  This is the Power of Colour!

What is your favourite colour?



What Others are Saying

Testimonials from Clients for Interior Designer – Jan Addams CDECA™

“Dear Jan,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other Consumers & LinkedIn users.

Jan came highly recommended from a friend. She was the third of several designers we spoke to. Immediately we felt comfortable with Jan. We liked how she could quickly focus on the task at hand, how she helped us fill in the blanks, and how she could communicate the vision effectively back to us.

We engaged Jan for a kitchen, familyroom, powder room,living room and office make over. The results were wonderful – she provided us the just the right amount of assistance.

Later we had her back to stage the living room. Wow, she accomplished in 2 hours what we could never have done. To watch her move items we already owned and transform the space was amazing.”

Don & Mary Gamble
Year first hired: 2011
As Interior Designer / Style Strategist

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative


Jan Addams of Image To Interior Inc.

‘My Lucky Charm…’

Jan was a lucky charm that I found at the beginning of my journey of building a new home with my husband! Jan had the patience and understanding about how I am not a visual person – without seeing in person or in 3D drawings, the concepts and ideas that she and my husband are clearly experts at doing. From the beginning, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me to work with Jan.

The personal style questionnaire sheets that we filled out at the beginning were quite an eye opener on facts that I thought I had a pretty good idea of what my likes and dislikes were. The Color Harmonics chart is amazingly correct. The ‘Design Dominoes’ technique works like a charm! It all coincides together and fits perfectly in the Contact To Completion Comunication binder we received and use every time we need to find information on our project. I cannot rave enough about the great service and vision that Jan has. She’s a beautifully artistic individual that is very gracious with her patience and assistance.

To our surprise, as an outsider she was very good at helping us put ideas and things into perspective when we didn’t agree. Amazingly though, my husband and I were pretty much on the same page! Jan did come to my rescue a few times and we even got more without asking for it! LOL! I strongly suggest everyone to read her book, DISCOVERING YOUR INNER STYLE! It definitely rings true on pretty much all the steps, ideas and themes!

I look forward to saluting Jan for all of her work when we have our grand open house to toast the new home! Thank you so much Jan for all you are and do! Even during a difficult time, you still were dedicated and professional!


Diana & Ed Simas
Simas Design & Development Ltd.
Burnaby, BC (Landscape Design)
(Direct Buy Member)


To: Jan Addams of IMAGE To INTERIOR Inc.

Townhouse Complex Before // Townhouse Complex After

Hi Jan,
“Thank you for the fabulous colours you have chosen for the townhouse complex. The work is now finished and the complex looks fantastic.

Because of those colours the styling and charm of the architecture stands out noticeably. The colours have added thousands of dollars to the value of the complex.

Great work! We are thrilled with the results.”


April Marshall
Standard Holdings
Vancouver, BC


Our New Country Home

“Jan helped my husband and I have the courage to build our country dream house. Through her patience, humour and design expertise we were able to build a comfortable retirement home for us to share with our family, grand children and friends.

Jan took the mystique out of the process by helping my husband and I make our own choices. Her questionnaires and computer generated floor plans were practical and easy to understand.

Jan helped us visually walk through every aspect of the house as if we were living in it. With her guidance we were able to combine our personal styles to create a home that was unique and pleasing to both of us.

Jan’s good sense of humour, interpersonal skills and experience kept the process enjoyable. We called her our ‘design mediator’. When we got stuck on an idea or, our personal choices got in the way, Jan would help us work through the issue until we were both comfortable with the decision.

Jan always looked for innovative and cost effective ways to produce a high quality interior look within our budget. She saw potential costly problems before they came up and made changes when necessary. She provided us with a variety of products and colours all within our price range and showed us how colour and design made the difference in the overall look and feel of the house.

When the house was complete, Jan continued to help us. She was available to talk to when we need her expert opinion. Jan showed us how to incorporate some of our sentimental treasures with new furniture and accessories for our home. This worked out beautifully and our home feels like it has a history while being fresh and new and, our grand children feel like we have always lived in this home!”

Thanks Jan!

Judy & Erwin Karst