8 Tips to find the Perfect Outfit

6. Foolproof Jan8 Shopping TIPS to find Your Perfect Outfit:

Looking your best is easy when you know who you are on the inside and recognize which body shape you are and finally the colours that make you look younger and more vibrant.

Now, simply use your lifestyle clothes clock  to help you determine where you spend most of your day and what type of clothes are required. This is where you should spend the majority of your hard earned dollars and leave the expensive party clothes to a classic outfit that won’t look dated.


Here are the 8 Tips:

  1. Wear your best form enhancing undergarments
  2. Wear the shoes you plan to wear with the garment
  3. Shop with a trusted Friend who wants you to look your BEST!
  4. Find your proper size (never too tight – you’ll look plumper)
  5. Find yourPower Colours’ (Warm or Cool undertones – High Contrast or Blended)
  6. Find your best authentic style (items that you could feel comfortable in anywhere)
  7. Look at quality of stitching – matching seams & patterns
  8. Lastly, look at the care required for the garment

Have fun finding the perfect outfit!

By ‘DAT Girl’ –  Jan Addams


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