After every Sunset comes a Sunrise where new opportunities, dreams and realities are created. We work, we play, we live

As we age we become less inclined to move locations. However, our homes are usually designed for ‘younger‘ bodies in mind which requires us to start thinking of ways to make our homes more low maintenance and convenient.

Simple things like levers on doors instead of knobs, non-slip floors, low to no transition showers etc. can make life as we age more enjoyable.

I, Jan Addams, President of IMAGE to INTERIOR Inc.  and my husband Glen are Baby Boomers and have seen many Sunrises and Sunsets.  (Personally, we prefer the sunsets over a warm, calm, blue ocean!)  We recently had to downsize but did not want to downsize our lifestyle.  We were determined to find a home that felt like the ‘resort-like lodge‘ location we moved from. We wanted to continue to be able to come back from our holiday’s to a home that was beautiful, convenient & comforting – our new “Age in Place – Resort Style Home!”  We found it, live in it and are continually improving it.

I am  now constantly researching new and upcoming ‘universal design’ products. You can check out this video I created on the subject > HERE Aging in Place – Resort Style!’  on our BLOG and FB.

Why let a dis-fengtional interior with impersonal colours keep you from living in your perfect calm, colourful & inspiring space that is Simply You by Design?


At Image To Interior Inc. (Incorporated in 1997. Interior Decorating & Designing since 1982) we believe that Interiors should reflect your personal Image & lifestyle. 

‘In emptiness imagination is free to flow…   Thoughts are things and when you write them down they begin to live and grow – choose only the positive ones – dream in detail of how you want your life to look & feel then step aside and watch those visions come alive.‘  
Jan AddamsDAT Girl  (Designer – Author – Trainer)



  • To Save you Time, Money & Headaches when Renovating or Building a New Home or Office
  • To Simplify the Interior Design Process and make it FUN not frustrating
  • To utilize our Education, Experience and Expertise to create beautiful, organized Spaces
  • To Interior Design around your style not our style as variety is the spice of life



The founding belief of Image To Interior® is: The Triple ID Style Classification System ©  which states that our personality, body shape and colouring affects not only the cut, colour and style of our wardrobe (imageit also transitions into our interior design and business organizational style (industry).  We only associate with those that choose to see the best – beauty and potential – in all people and places.  We find cost effective, innovative, earth conscious ways to solve interior space flow, fixture & colour challenges through our resourced industry specific  TIPSTraining – Information – Products and Services – See our Interior TIPS Blog HERE



Award Winning Interior Designer Jan Addams LIIID, MIRM is the President  of IMAGE To INTERIOR Inc.

She has trained several Accredited Interior Decorators & Designers under this methodology and those that have successfully completed and passed the 12 module Business Behind Design© program have received the CIIID Designation.  As Certified or Licensed  Interior Style Strategist,we understand & share your passion to live & work in a beautiful & functional space.

We also realize that sometimes you would like to ‘Design It Yourself’ so enjoy the ‘DIY Tool Kit’ with ‘My Secret Designer‘  is geared to help you simplify your next Renovation or New Building Project.

If you need further assistance we are only a visit, phone call or email away.  Its what we do for a living… we create beautiful, feng-tional, cost effective spaces thru our extensive education, experience & expertise to Save You Time & Money on your interior projects!

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